Spring 2020 Course Schedule

International Business Negotiations (LAW-990-001)
David Brummond,Shaswat Das

Meets: 04:00 PM - 05:50 PM (TuFr) - Warren - Room NT02

Enrolled: 6 / Limit: 12

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This course teaches hands-on, real-world negotiation skills in a simulated negotiation in which the one team from the class will represent a US pharmaceutical company, KJH Pharmaceutical Corporation (KJH), and another team from the class will represent Malundi Cassava Corporation (MCC), an African agricultural production company. The two companies are interested in working together to exploit a new technology developed by KJH Pharmaceutical that uses the cassava produced by MCC. The form of their collaboration could be a joint venture, a licensing agreement or a long-term supply contract. The negotiations will take place through written exchanges and live negotiations that will be conducted in person.

The purpose of the course is to provide students with an opportunity to: (i) experience the development of a business transaction; (ii) participate in a live, extended negotiation in a context that replicates actual legal practice with an unfamiliar opposing party; (iii) understand the business and legal issues that impact the negotiation; (iv) gain insight into the strategies used in negotiations and the dynamics of international business transactions; (v) learn about the role that lawyers and law play in these negotiations; and (vi) gain experience in drafting communications and transaction documents.

Students are expected to spend time working in teams outside of class to prepare written communications to the other counsel and prepare for live negotiations. Class discussions will focus on the deal framework, strategy for the negotiations and tactics, as well as the substantive legal, business and policy matters that affect the transaction. Evaluation will be based upon class participation, contributions to the written communications and a final paper.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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D. Bradlow and J. Finkelstein, “Negotiating Business Transactions: An Extended Simulation Course” (Wolters Kluwer, Aspen Coursebook Series) SECOND EDITION

First Class Readings

Textbook: Chapters 1 - 2 and 6


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