Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Homicide Prosecution (LAW-984-001)
Carlos Acosta

Meets: 07:00 PM - 08:50 PM (M) - Yuma - Room Y250

Enrolled: 12 / Limit: 16

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The majority of crimes prosecuted in the UnitedýStates are prosecuted by local prosecutors. As theýprosecutor advances in his/her career, most haveýset a goal to prosecute homicide cases. Thisýcourse will take the student through an actualýhomicide case from the discovery of the victim upýto and through prosecution of the co-defendants.ýThe student will become familiar with theýprosecutor's role pre-trial (including pre-arrest)ýin coordinating with police in the investigationýof the crime. The student will prepare for variousýhearings, and will prepare and argue differentýpre-trial motions. The objective is to exposeýstudents to the day-to-day work that goes on in aýlocal prosecutor's office.ýýThis course will be a combination of theory andýpractice. Students will read cases, statutes andýarticles defining the prosecutorial role andýconstitutionally required practices. There will beýa high level of required class participation andývarious in-class exercises will be employed toýcontextualize the issues presented in the cases.ýThe course will be fourteen (14) two (2) hourýclasses that build on each other and are designedýto address the unique obligations of a stateýprosecutor.

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