Spring 2013 Course Schedule

Gender & the Law (LAW-975-001)

Meets: 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM (W) - Room 500

Enrolled: 13 / Limit: 15

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First-year JD only


Introduces students to some theories of feminist jurisprudence and to some of the important developments in the law concerning sex and gender, including constitutional law, employment law, education law, family law, criminal law, and gender identity. The course is a survey and offers breadth rather than depth. Indeed, any one of the areas covered could be covered by a course of its own (and may well be at WCL). The text for the class is Gender and Law: Theory, Doctrine, Commentary (5th edition) by Bartlett and Rhode. This innovative text is organized around different perspectives on gender equality rather than on different areas of law. Thus, in the course, we will discuss the differences, strengths, and weaknesses of various approaches-- formal equality, substantive equality, nonsubordination, difference theory, autonomy, and non-essentialism– as we work through the seminal cases. In being open to and critical of the various perspectives, we can together work toward formulating approaches that offer the most potential for bringing about constructive change. The course is a seminar and discussion-oriented. The course grade will be determined by three elements: class participation, a project, and a final exam.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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Gender and Law: Theory, Doctrine, Commentary (5th edition) by Bartlett and Rhode.

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