Spring 2014 Course Schedule

Law and the Visual Arts (LAW-896-001)
J. Kaufman

Meets: 06:00 PM - 08:50 PM (TH) - Room 504

Enrolled: 13 / Limit: 18

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What you need to know about the course:
The course will take hands on practical general overview approach to Art law. While case law will be investigated, the emphasis will be on practical applications with real life examples and applications. In other words, the goal of the course is to create Art Law practitioners. The topic to be covered will be:
• Copyright & Trademark Overviews
• Moral Rights & Resale Rights
• Artist Gallery Relations
• World War II and Looted Works
• Licensing and Publishing
• Auction Houses
• Public Art Commissions
• 1st Amendment Issues
• Museum Issues
• Fakes, Forgeries & Stolen Art
• Tax Issues
• Appropriation Art
• Rights of Publicity
• Valuation and Appraisal
• Orphan Works
• Anatomy of an art infringement case

There is no assigned text; however handouts of cases, contracts, checklists, articles, etc. will be assigned each week.
This is a paper course (15 pages). The paper is due the date on which we would have had a final exam. Topics are of student’s choice on any art law or closely related topics.
Guest speakers from the art industry will be invited (i.e., gallery owners, auction house staff, art lawyers, museum lawyers, appraisers, etc.).
On non-guest speaker weeks, we will begin with an informal discussion of current events regarding business and legal events in the art world. Everyone is expected to find items and be prepared to share.
In each non-guest speaker week, one or two students will be assigned to participate in the teaching of the class by presenting important case law or related matters on the topic of the week.
Attendance is mandatory and will be taken for each class. Missing more than one class will impact negatively on your grade. A great deal of the benefit of the class takes place from the in-class discussions. This is not a class for someone who wants to sit in the back row, not participate and just hand in a paper.
Laptops are to be used for note taking only or to view a directed site being discussed in class. If laptops are found to be used for any other purposes they will be banned for the entire class and all notes will be taken by hand (in other words, no shopping, no Facebook, checking scores, reading e-mail, texting, working on papers, reading the paper, etc.)

Textbooks and Other Materials

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First Class Readings

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