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Spring 2013
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Intl Trade Policy Theory & Practice (LAW-817-002)
Lima-Campos, Gaviria

Meets: 06:30 PM - 09:10 PM (M) - Room 313

Enrolled: 14 / Limit: 14


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This course considers international trade law as an instrument for economic development. The focus is primarily on trade problems and policy in the United States, comparing it with trade law and policy in other countries. This course offers an examination of the trade policies of major players, a discussion of trade policy instruments and their impacts on international trade law and negotiations. Students will develop an analytical view of the U.S. trade policy system in comparison with systems of the European Union, India, Brazil, China and other developing countries. Taught by a foreign government official and a foreign attorney, this course offers the unique opportunity for students to learn about complex international trade issues from the perspective of foreign governments and practitioners. This course is recommended for students who want to develop a critical view of international trade negotiations and understand the motivations behind the policies and actions of governments regarding international trade issues.

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