Spring 2013 Course Schedule

Elder Law Practicum (LAW-812B-001)

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Course Description for Practicum in Elder Law

Students will have the opportunity to earn additional credits for an externship with a policy-oriented organization. This externship will operate as an “Individual Faculty Supervision” with Prof. Abravanel. Students interested in this externship opportunity will need to apply as quickly as possible to potential placements during the Fall Semester. Prof. Abravanel, in conjunction with her Deans’ Fellows, is facilitating identification and communication regarding placements, but an individual student has the responsibility to obtain the placement with the sponsoring organization.

A student will be eligible to earn 1 additional course credit and 1 – 3 additional credits, depending on the number of hours s/he devotes on a weekly basis to the externship experience. The student will be required to prepare a short “goals memo” at the beginning of the semester, meet with the professor periodically during the course of the semester, and prepare several short memos relating work and classroom activities. At the end of the semester, the student will turn in a signed hours log and complete a short evaluation of their placement and the program. Additionally, the student may be asked to make a brief presentation to the class about their externship experience.

Co-requisite: Elder Law Seminar

Textbooks and Other Materials

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First Class Readings

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