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Immigrant Women Law & Policy Project (Coreq: LAW-795T-001A) (LAW-795T-001B)


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This practicum examines the role of legislative/administrative lawyering in developing and implementing laws, regulation and public policies. This course will review the legislative, administrative and policy gains in legal rights under US laws that have been made on behalf of immigrant women, children and particularly immigrant victims of violence against women (domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking). Students will learn about the role lawyers played in these accomplishments: drafting legislation, negotiating bipartisan agreements, drafting implementing regulations and policy guidance, collecting stories, documenting emerging unaddressed needs, and crafting public policy solutions that would work for immigrant victims, women and children. Students will have the opportunity to develop the skills and talents required of a good legislative/administrative lawyer who works in and/or with state, local and federal government agency personnel and will be assigned a project that responds to unmet needs of immigrant crime victims, women and children. Projects assigned will address the legal rights of immigrant women in one of the following subject matter areas: family law, public benefits, immigration options, health care and/or language access.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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Course readings will include law review and other articles on legal protections for immigrant crime victims and immigrant women. Readings will include research, stories and social science journal articles on domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking suffered by immigrant women and children in the United States. Students will read bills, statutes, legislative history, preambles to regulations, government reports, policy analysis related to weekly class discussions and participatory class exercises. In connection with each assigned project students will be responsible for reading background material, research, cases and articles relevant to production of their written public policy advocacy assignment. All readings will be posted on MyWCL.

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