Spring 2013 Course Schedule

Civ Rghts Litigtn (LAW-795RT-001)

Meets: 03:30 PM - 05:20 PM (TH) - Room 314

Enrolled: 12 / Limit: 20

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This course will explore ongoing civil rights litigation in three areas: affirmative action in higher education, voting rights, and marriage. Each of these issues may reach the Supreme Court in this Term. The course will be limited to 20 students.
The course will begin with an examination of past challenges to the consideration of race in admission to higher education as a prelude to examination of Fisher v. U. Texas. The second part of the course will address section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, culminating in study of the case or cases that may be taken up by the Supreme Court. Finally, the course will examine the developing law regarding same sex marriage, including challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act.
The course materials will include cases and briefs, as well as scholarly literature. Students will be expected to write a paper of between five and seven pages at the conclusion of each of the three sections of the course. The paper will be in the form of a Supreme Court opinion deciding a case that is either pending or likely to be pending in the Court.
The goals of the course will be to strengthen students’ substantive knowledge of these areas of civil rights law, increase understanding of advocacy through briefs and oral argument, and gain insight into judicial opinion writing.

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