Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Jurisprudence / Justice Breyer (LAW-795JB-001)
Brent Newton

Meets: 05:00 PM - 05:50 PM (Tu)

Enrolled: 14 / Limit: 14 / Waitlist: 18

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This seminar will focus on the jurisprudence ofýAssociate Justice Stephen Breyer since he wasýappointed to the Supreme Court of the UnitedýStates in 1994. Students will focus on one of theýfollowing areas of Justice Breyer's research: (1)ýhis approach to statutory interpretation; (3) hisýapproach to constitutional interpretation; (3)ýadministrative law and role of administrativeýagencies; (4) civil rights; (5) civil liberties;ý(6) constitutional criminal procedure; (7) federalýcriminal cases (statutes & rules of procedure -ýnon-constitutional law and non-sentencing issues);ý(8) federalism; (9) non-capital sentencingý(statutory mandatory minimums and sentencingýguidelines); (10) the death penalty; (11)ýinternational law and legal "globalism"; and (12)ýhow his interests in economics and science haveýinfluenced his jurisprudence.

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