Spring 2019 Course Schedule

Regulation of Emerging Robotics Automation & Artificial Intelligence (LAW-795ER-001)
Kenneth Anderson

Meets: 04:00 PM - 05:50 PM (W) - Warren - Room N104

Enrolled: 25 / Limit: 25

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Regulation of Emerging AI and Robotics Technologies is an intensive writing seminar course, limited to 16 students. It will not have a final exam; students will do research papers on some area of emerging law, regulation, or ethics for emerging AI or AI-driven robotics technologies over the course of the term. The course can be used to satisfy the ULWR; those not doing the course for ULWR credit must still write a research paper, but it will can be shorter in length. Students will also be required to submit weekly “reaction papers” on assigned weekly reading.

The weekly course readings will cover basics of artificial intelligence algorithms, including basic concepts of AI, machine learning, the history of development of AI, robotics using AI (e.g., self-driving vehicles) and other essential background. Basic normative issues raised by emerging AI technologies (not just in law and regulation, but extending to the ethics of algorithmic design, design ethics generally and in the design of the human-machine interface, and questions of societal values and ways in which AI design should take account of them) will also be introduced at the beginning of the course. A variety of emerging software AI and AI robotics technologies will be considered over several weeks, such as sessions devoted to self-driving vehicles, various AI software applications in data analytics, etc., with consideration given to both emerging law and regulation, as well as broader normative questions. Legislative proposals for AI regulation broadly as well as specific areas of emerging regulations in US law will be examined, along with proposals for the US to formulate a national strategy for emerging technology, as some other countries, such as China, have done. The last part of the course will address issues related to the social, psychological, and cultural relationships of humans and (arguably) unique aspects of AI applications that might justify special regulatory regimes; the last weeks of the course will also consider business models and the tech industry in the introduction of AI technologies, including issues such as impacts on jobs and employment, regulation of the tech industry itself in relation to concerns about AI technologies, and the business models for emerging AI applications.

Students are free to choose any research paper topic broadly related to emerging AI, robotics, automation, etc., in relation to any aspect of norms, ethics, law, or regulation relevant to the technologies. (The one area where students may not write is on blockchain technologies, as there is a separate course on that topic.)

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