Summer 2012 Course Schedule

Intl Justice for HR Violation (LAW-795-005)
Brody, Andersen

Meets: 04:30 PM - 06:20 PM (MTWTHF) - Room 415

Enrolled: 7 / Limit: 25

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Meets 5/29/2012 - 6/15/2012


The history of international criminal investigations and tribunals starts with the post-WWI experiences. These were followed by the post-WWII experiences in Europe and the Far East - not only the IMT and IMTFE, but also subsequent proceedings in these two regions. These experiences were continued through national German prosecutions. In addition, a limited number of national prosecutions ensued in France, Israel, Italy, Canada, and Australia. The international community undertook efforts since WWII to develop an International Criminal Court and a Code of International Crimes. The latter ended with a 1996 International Law Committee project. The former continued until the establishment of the International Criminal Court in 1998. A number of other institutions were formed as well as part of post-conflict justice in Kosovo, East Timor, and Sierra Leone, with a similar prospect developing for Cambodia and Iraq. This course will examine that historical evolution, and the tensions between the pursuit of justice and realpolitik in the achievement of political settlements. For more information, please see the Human Rights Academy Home page here.

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