Summer 2021 Course Schedule

Advanced Legal Analysis (Asynchronous) (LAW-793-001)
Joni Wiredu

Meets: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Enrolled: 11 / Limit: 22

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All summer 2021 classes will be taught online. Classes may have a combination of live sessions and asynchronous materials/assignments. The block of time listed here will be the maximum amount of live session meeting time expected of you and may decrease.


This course prepares 3L and 4L students for theýbar exam by further developing fundamental skillsýfor bar exam and law practice success.ýSpecifically, students will receive in-depth skillýinstruction on rapid reading comprehension; issueýidentification; rule mastery; critical thinking,ýincluding the recognition of distractors; andýlegal analysis all in the context of working barýexam style problems.ýWhile developing, using, and applying a flexibleýbut strong analytical framework to solve bar examýproblems, students also gain a strong conceptualýunderstanding and knowledge of highly tested legalýdoctrines.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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First Class Readings

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