Spring 2014 Course Schedule

Supervised Extshp Sem (LAW-769-006)

Meets: 06:00 PM - 07:50 PM (W) - Room 403

Enrolled: 8 / Limit: 15

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IMPORTANT: CLASS WILL MEET IN SMALL GROUPS FOR AN EXTRA HOUR EVERY OTHER WEEK. The time/place of this extra meeting is determined by the professor. REGISTRATION: There are two parts to registering for an externship: 1) Register on-line for the seminar as you would for any class. 2) Register for the field placement by going to the Externship Page www.wcl.american.edu/externship and submit a Request for Approval, which generates the necessary forms.


Law school is in large part about learning to be a lawyer, and this is best exemplified by the externship experience. In this three-credit graded seminar, we will explore the meaning of being a lawyer and a member of the legal profession. We will talk about the variety of roles lawyers may play in society and the wide range of experiences available to those with law degrees. We will do so through the prism of students’ field placements in non-profit organizations, courts, government agencies, and/or private law firms doing pro bono work. We will explore lawyers’ ethical obligations and the unique responsibilities that come with having specialized skills, including the obligation to protect the rights of others - whether the most vulnerable in society or the most affluent, individuals or organizations. We will talk about the nature of the lawyer-client relationship and the unique challenges associated with client-centered representation. We’ll address diversity and difference in the legal profession, both in the workplace and among the profession’s leaders. We’ll also reflect on how lawyers’ personal values may impact their professional decisions and career choices. Finally, we’ll talk about how to forge a professional path and be professionally fulfilled while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This will be an interactive seminar, where we will learn from each other’s experiences in order to develop and refine our own sensibilities about what type of lawyer we want to become. The diversity of students’ field placements and a high level of student preparation will guarantee us healthy and informative class discussions. The seminar will meet each Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:50 p.m. Students are also required to attend small group meetings every other week to discuss in more detail their work experiences and other topics of interest. We will schedule these additional meeting times during our first class. We will meet either before or after class or at another scheduled time (i.e. downtown during lunch hour). Finally, registering for your field placement credits is a separate process. Please ensure that you are enrolled with the Registrar for this seminar, as well as the field placement with the same suffix (Law-899-006), and also that your registration reflects the proper number of credit hours for your field placement. If you have any concerns about placement approval, you should speak with a member of the Externship Staff promptly.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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There is no required text for this course. Instead, students will be assigned readings in the form of journal articles, newspaper clippings, book excerpts and other media. A “Course Schedule and Assignments” document will be posted on MyWCL and updated frequently to reflect the required reading and other course assignments. (The date of the latest revision will be noted.) Required readings will be made available electronically at least one week in advance on MyWCL. Students are responsible for checking MyWCL regularly for updates, announcements, and readings. Reading and assignments for the following week will also be reviewed at the conclusion of each class.

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