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Spring 2014
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Intl Human Rights Law and Global Health (LAW-719M-001)

Meets: 06:00 PM - 07:50 PM (TH) - Room 516

Enrolled: 11 / Limit: 16


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Course Description and Objectives: This course explores the links between international human rights law and global public health policy and examines the right to health vis-á-vis other human rights, as framed by international treaties and covenants. The course will focus both on the United Nations and the Inter-American systems. Classroom discussions will examine how human rights law can be an important tool for addressing current global health challenges, such as: improving mental health systems, reducing the incidence of HIV/AIDS, reducing maternal mortality, and protecting older persons. The objectives of the course are: • To help students acquire an understanding of human rights law through a focus on public health and groups in situations of vulnerability; • To identify the theoretical and practical tensions between the goals of human rights protection and public health programs, and to suggest strategies to strike a balance between these goals to effect improved individual and public health outcomes; • To examine ways in which human rights lawyers and public health officials can work together to achieve the goals of improving public health and promoting human rights protection in line with international standards and; • To enable students to work together in evaluating and analyzing health and human rights issues from a domestic and international legal perspective. Course Structure: Lectures and in-class discussions will enable students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for applying human rights tools in efforts to prevent and alleviate health-related abuses and suffering. Assignments will provide students with opportunities to raise meaningful questions, reflect on health and human rights issues, and assess the reasoning behind certain policies.

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