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Comparative Constitutional Law (LAW-707F-001)

Meets: 12:00 PM - 01:20 PM (TTH) - Room 445

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A Comparative Constitutional Law class has two major purposes: 1) examine US law, compare it to the law of other countries, and think about whether the US approach is correct or should be revised; and 2) learn at least an overview of how different legal systems approach different legal issues. To accomplish those purposes we will begin with a brief look at the different types of constitutions; then we will study the concept of federalism and its counterparts in other countries. That portion of the course will take up about 40% of the course. The remainder of the course (the part that most students find more exciting) will examine constitutional approaches to the protection (or non-protection) of various rights, and how different countries view what constitutes “equal” protection of the law. These rights will include freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion. In examining equal protection we will consider how various constitutions protect (if at all) equality based on color, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. World events will certainly occur during the course that will be relevant to the course. We will definitely devote time to the constitutional implication of those events, so the accompanying syllabus is tentative. My objective in any course is that it be both educational and FUN! If this kind of course interests you, I hope to see you in class next semester. (Although I am not teaching this semester, I am in the office one or two days a week and would be happy to discuss the course with you further. Carl Monk

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Comparative Constitutionalism Author: Dorsen Edition: 2nd ISBN: 9780314179463

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