Fall 2017 Course Schedule

Religion and the State (LAW-707D-001)
Trish Maskew

Meets: 08:00 PM - 09:50 PM (M) - Capital - Room C317

Enrolled: 10 / Limit: 22

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A limited number of students may petition the professor to write a longer paper to satisfy the ULWR. Assessment:Paper. Class Participation. Short writing assignments tied to certain class readings.


This course will explore the complex and shifting case law surrounding the issues of Religion and the State, including historical background on the 1st amendment religion clauses and the separation of church and state, a survey of the establishment and free exercise clauses, and the cases which have sought to define those clauses in such diverse areas as: government aid to church schools, school prayer, textbook choice, the teaching of evolution and intelligent design, tax relief to church organizations, faith-based initiatives, freedom of religion for employees and religious minorities, religious tests for those seeking public office, and government interference in church controversies regarding property rights, church employment, church discipline, medical rights of minors and adults, and child abuse cases.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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The majority of course materials are available on the course website on MyWCL, including the cases listed below. Note: Full cases are available for those who wish to read them in full, but students are only responsible for reading the excerpted portions of the cases, which in most cases consists of only a few pages. Additional reading will be derived from the book “Law and Religion” by Leslie C. Griffin, ISBN # 978-0-7355-7819-7. All readings from the book are annotated below as “Law and Religion” followed by the page numbers.

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