Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Election Law: American Political Process (LAW-680-001)
Louis Caldera

Meets: 01:30 PM - 02:50 PM (TuTh) - Warren - Room NT03

Enrolled: 19 / Limit: 22

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This course is about how American democracy works. It examines the constitutional and statutory law that structures how the American political process operates and how that law has evolved in response to societal pressures and historical events, including changes in the nation’s size, population, economy, politics and role in the world, up to the consideration of contemporary questions and controversies surrounding the electoral process. The course covers the major Supreme Court cases on the topics of voting rights, reapportionment and redistricting, regulation of political parties, candidates and elections, campaign finance, and the 2000 presidential election controversy. It pays particular attention to competing political philosophies and empirical assumptions that underlie the Court's reasoning in these cases, while still focusing on the cases as litigation tools used to serve political purposes. In addition to covering doctrine, the course considers the theoretical underpinnings of the electoral system, the role of Congress and the courts in overseeing that system, and current proposals for reform of the electoral process.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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1. The Law of Democracy (5th Edition, 2016) by Samuel Issacharoff, Pamela Karlan, Richard Pildes, and Nathaniel Persily. _ 2. The 2019 Supplement to The Law of Democracy: https://3668083.app.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=3508202&c=3668083&h=6b593bcd626e97f26edb&_xt=.pdf

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