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European Union Law (LAW-659-001)

Meets: 01:30 PM - 02:50 PM (MW) - Room 526

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The course is designed as a general introduction to the legal system of the European Union (EU), covering both its constitutional and institutional architecture and examining the evolution and development of this relatively young and dynamic legal and political entity. The EU is a unique political arrangement which, despite the various labels – super-state, federation, international organization – sometimes used to describe it, continues to defy ready categorization. It remains a paradox in many respects. It is a closely integrated policy possessing its own international legal personality and power, even while being comprised of members which remain sovereign nation states. The course is organized in three parts. Part 1: Historical, Institutional and Doctrinal Background. Specific community policies (such as the emergence of European human rights protection and European environmental protection) will be examined. Part 2: The Internal Market. This part examines the substantive core of the European project, which remains in large part a project of economic integration. We will concentrate on the EU internal market law – the free movement of goods (quantitative and qualitative restrictions to trade), persons, services, capital (and the integrated financial market), the right of establishment in light of the ECJ jurisprudence and the European Monetary Union and sovereign crisis management (the case of Greece). Part 3: EU External Relations and Commercial Policy. This part looks at the evolution of the EU as an international actor and at the increasing role played by the EU as a global trade participant. In particular, we look in some depth at the EU’s external environmental action and at the EU’s participation in the WTO.

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