Spring 2019 Course Schedule

National Security Law (LAW-635-001)
Rebecca Hamilton

Meets: 02:30 PM - 04:20 PM (W) - Warren - Room N102

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This semester we will be studying the key concepts underlying the laws that prohibit and punish certain behavior in our society. Unlike your other first-year courses, we will be spending a lot of time looking at statutes, since criminal law is, for the most part, written by state (and, to a lesser degree, federal) legislators. This is not to say, however, that judges play no role in the development of criminal law - indeed our case readings will illuminate the multitude of ways in which judges shape criminal law. Over the course of the semester we will study the elements that make up a criminal statute and the rules that courts use to interpret statutes. We will also consider the degree to which criminal statutes serve different interests in society, and the role that key actors – police officers, lawyers, judges and juries—play in the interpretation and implementation of criminal law.

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