Spring 2012 Course Schedule

Criminal Law (LAW-507-003)

Meets: 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM (TTH) - Room 101

Enrolled: 78 / Limit: 85

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Textbooks and Other Materials

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First Class Readings

Course Introduction; Purposes of the Criminal Law; and Why Sentencing Policy Is Necesssary to the Prosecutor’s First Decision: What to Podgor 1-22. Pay particularly close attention to State v. Jensen,United States v. Crawford, and Problem Three. (You should already at least lightly have read the Course Overview Powerpoint on MyWCL; you are now expected to remember or fully understand much of the information in that PowerPoint yet, but it gives you an overview of all the main doctrines in the course – the big picture that may help you in understanding the little pictures examined in each class). I may show a Sentencing and Purposes of the Criminal LawPowerpoint. Also, on MyWCL: Especially read and be ready to discuss the Skills and Values Sentencing Exercise. Focus on Task Number 2, though you should also review, and be ready to discuss more briefly, Task Number 1. No written assignment will be collected. We will watch a film clip from the movie Judgment at Nuremburg that is particularly relevant to one of the purposes of punishment. We will also review a photograph displaying a form of shaming punishment.