Fall 2014 Course Schedule

Constitutional Law (LAW-503-001)

Meets: 06:00 PM - 07:50 PM (TTh) - Room 100

Enrolled: 55 / Limit: 90

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JD 2nd-yr part-time required course


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Textbooks and Other Materials

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Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions, 11th edition [Casebook] by Jesse H. Choper (Thomson Reuters, ISBN 9780314904683) Constitutional Law 2014 Supplement by Jesse H. Choper (Thomson Reuters, ISBN 9781628100792)

First Class Readings

For Professor Raskin’s Constitutional Law class, please read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, all available on the class website, and prepare to discuss: (1) What are the radical, conservative and liberal features of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as you read them? What do these words mean with reference to Constitutional law? (2) What is the relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? (3) What is the most important branch of the national government? (4) What should be the Constitution governing our class discussion? We will form law firms in the first class in order to launch these discussions through small-group teamwork and brainstorming. If there are people you know that you want to be in a firm with, please sit nearby them.


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