Participant Testimonials

"The Lawyer Reentry Program gave me the social connections to support me through the job search process. I really enjoyed meeting the participants and staff and appreciated the community with whom I could share my journey and then celebrate the success!"
     -- Kathleen Weber, Associate, Folks & O'Connor, PLLC, Phoenix, Arizona

"WCL's Lawyer Reentry Program and its great staff helped me refresh my legal research and writing skills, clarify my goals, update and revise my resume, and develop job vital search strategies. Equally important, the program fostered a warm atmosphere of connection, support, and possibility. No one can successfully reenter without help - both staff and my fellow participants have been invaluable sources of knowledge, advice, and encouragement."
     -- Debo West, re-entering attorney

"The program helped me focus - not just on searching for the sake of searching, but really focusing on what is important to me. The process really worked. I was recently selected for the position of Deputy Director, EEO for a federal agency. Equal Employment law is a first love of mine but I had not seriously considered returning to EEO law before joining this program."
     -- Carol Moulton, Director of the EEO Office for Veteran Affairs, Mid-Atlantic Region

"The Lawyer Re-Entry Program at American University gave me the tools I needed to feel comfortable with the practical realities of a job search. The resume review and interview skills portions of the program made the theoretical feel do-able. At the same time, meeting the other participants in the program reminded me that other intelligent, talented lawyers are grappling with similar circumstances. This was the catalyst I needed to re-cast my image of where I stand. I am not left behind on the "off-ramp" of some career highway. I am helping to blaze a new trail in the company of adept pioneers."
     -- Christine Newton, re-entering attorney

“WCL’s Lawyers’ Re-Entry Program provided the perfect blend of expert lectures, small-group exercises, opportunities for self-assessment, and follow-up one-on-one career counseling. Linda Mercurio’s skilled, energetic, sensitive leadership helped create an instant community of supportive allies. My stated goal last fall was to be one of the Program’s ‘success stories.’ Nine months later, I am pleased to report re-entry to a full-time associate position in downtown DC. I couldn’t have done it without the Program’s practical pointers, skills-building, and confidence boost.”
     --Amy Beckett, Associate, Passman & Kaplan, PC, Washington, DC