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Alternative Dispute Resolution



ACCESS Youth recognizes the unlimited potential of each child and provides youth with access to resources, support and services that empower them to transform themselves and make life choices that positively impact their future. We envision a world where children have the courage and support to dream a bigger dream, trust themselves, and achieve their full potential. ACCESS Youth launches our youth into successful adulthoods and is a place they can always call home.

Appleseed Center - DC Center

The DC Appleseed Center for Law and Justice is a nonprofit organization dedicated to solving important public policy problems facing the Washington, DC metropolitan area. To advance this mission, DC Appleseed organizes volunteers, including attorneys and other experts, who work in teams to analyze and develop solutions to problems facing the region. Depending on the problem being addressed, DC Appleseed’s projects involve working with broad coalitions, issuing reports, participating in regulatory proceedings, bringing lawsuits, managing public education campaigns, and meeting with and/or testifying before governmental decision-makers. We are a local organization, working exclusively on a broad array of the biggest public policy problems facing the National Capital area, including healthcare, voting representation, education reform, environmental concerns, jobs, and housing.

Center for Dispute Settlement

The Center provides innovative, collaborative and effective mediation and dispute resolution services and training, so that individuals and organizations can deal with conflicts constructively, strengthen their communication, and improve their relationships, resulting in more functional and peaceful communities.

District of Columbia Office of Police Complaints

OPC is a government agency that receives, investigates, and resolves citizen complaints of police misconduct filed against officers of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s Office of Public Safety (OPS).  OPC provides an independent and impartial forum for the processing of police misconduct complaints and promotes the highest attainable standard of integrity, professionalism, and accountability in the District.

Halt, Inc., An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform

Founded in 1978, HALT – An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest group of more than 50,000 members, is the nation's largest and oldest legal reform organization. Dedicated to the principle that all Americans should be able to handle their legal affairs simply, affordably and equitably, HALT's Reform Projects challenge the legal establishment to improve access and reduce costs in our civil justice system at both the state and federal levels.

Key Bridge Foundation

The Key Bridge Foundation (KBF) Center for Mediation is a nationally recognized provider of conflict management and training services throughout the United States and abroad. The mission of the KBF Center for Mediation is a simple one: to prevent, identify, and resolve conflict before it jeopardizes the success of an organization. To fulfill that mission, the Center for Mediation uses proven conflict resolution strategies to encourage cooperation and problem solving for individuals and organizations.

Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division

The Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division (Multi-Door) helps parties settle disputes through mediation and other types of appropriate dispute resolution (ADR), including arbitration, case evaluation and conciliation. The name "Multi-Door" comes from the multi-door courthouse concept, which envisions one courthouse with multiple dispute resolution doors or programs. Cases are referred through the appropriate door for resolution. The goals of a multi-door approach are to provide citizens with easy access to justice, reduce delay and provide links to related services, making more options available through which disputes can be resolved. Multi-Door assists parties to reach agreements that meet their interests, preserve relationships, and save time and money. Our mediators and dispute resolution specialists are trained at Multi-Door to serve in a wide range of cases, from civil to small claims, to family.

National Consumers League

The National Consumers League is concerned with consumer and worker protections in the areas of food and drug safety, child labor, health care, consumer fraud, financial services, and e-commerce.