Pro Bono Honors Pledge Program - Suggested Placements

Domestic Violence


American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence

The mission of the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence is to mobilize the legal profession to provide access to justice and safety for victims of domestic violence. Founded in 1994, the Commission is the only national organization that focuses exclusively on improving the legal response to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The mission of the Commission is to increase access to justice for victims of domestic violence by mobilizing the legal profession.

American Bar Association Commission on Immigration

The Commission directs Association efforts to ensure fair and unbiased treatment, and full due process rights, for immigrants and refugees within the United States. Acting in coordination with other Association entities, as well as governmental and non-governmental bodies, the Commission: advocates for appropriate statutory and regulatory modifications in law and governmental practice consistent with Association policy; provides continuing education and timely information about trends, court decisions and pertinent developments for members of the legal community, judges, affected individuals and the public; and develops and assists the on-going operation of pro bono programs that encourage volunteer lawyers to provide high quality, effective legal representation for individuals in immigration courts, with special emphasis on the needs of the most vulnerable immigrant and refugee populations.

American University Washington College of Law Clinical Program

Civil Practice, Community and Economic Development, Criminal Justice, D.C. Law Students in Court, Domestic Violence, Intellectual Property, International Human Rights, Federal Tax, Women and the Law. Students may only receive pro bono credit of they are not also receiving academic credit.

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)

ADA is the nation’s oldest, liberal, independent political organization. It focuses on economic, military, foreign, social, and environmental issues, and maintains a political action committee (ADA/PAC). It publishes a weekly legislative newsletter for liberal activists and a quarterly newsletter.

Archdiocesan Legal Network (ALN)

ALN provides referrals to attorneys and will occasionally directly handle matters in the following areas: domestic relations, labor/employment disputes, public entitlements, bankruptcy or insolvency resulting from medical debt or job loss, wills and probate, guardianship and landlord/tenant relations.

Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center

Research, plan, and execute targeted legal projects in the D.C. metropolitan area. Past interns have worked closely with the Legal Director on initiatives such as a Street Law Project for at-risk APA youths, coordinating and writing testimony on language access issues, and designing volunteer training materials. Conduct client intake on the hotline by using language skills to help clients in matters involving domestic violence, employment, immigration law, and other legal issues.

Contact: Marita Etcubanez, 202-367-0793 or

Ayuda, Inc.

Ayuda is a non-profit organization offering comprehensive legal and social services to the low-income immigrant communities of Washington, DC and its surrounding areas. We serve the community in the areas of immigration, domestic violence, family law, and human trafficking. Our mission is to help our clients lead safe, violence-free lives and become fully participating members of society.

Family Violence Prevention Fund

The Family Violence Prevention Fund works to prevent violence within the home, and in the community, to help those whose lives are devastated by violence because everyone has the right to live free of violence.

Human Rights First

Human Rights First works in the United States and abroad to create a secure and humane world by advancing justice, human dignity and respect for the rule of law. We support human rights activists who fight for basic freedoms and peaceful change at the local level; protect refugees in flight from persecution and repression; help build a strong international system of justice and accountability; and make sure human rights laws and principles are enforced in the United States and abroad.

Legal Services of Northern Virginia

LSNV is beginning a volunteer project for second- and third-year law students interested in domestic violence law. Law students are needed to conduct initial interviews with victims of domestic violence who are preparing to appear in court to obtain permanent protective orders. Volunteers may also be asked to perform tasks incidental to the interview process, such as preparing subpoenas or locating potential witnesses identified during the interview. Volunteers may attend court hearings, if desired.

National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty

The mission of the Law Center is to prevent and end homelessness by serving as the legal arm of the nationwide movement to end homelessness. To achieve its mission, the Law Center pursues three main strategies: impact litigation, policy advocacy, and public education.

Neighborhood Legal Services Program Private Bar Initiative

The Neighborhood Legal Services Program, a nonprofit organization, handles cases involving landlord/tenant issues, consumer affairs, public benefits, family law, employment discrimination and health issues for financially disadvantaged DC residents.

Tahirih Justice Center

The Center represents immigrant and refugee women and girls in gender-based political asylum and other immigration cases. Clients face abuses such as rape, domestic violence, honor crimes, female genital mutilation, trafficking, involuntary servitude, and forced marriage. Legal interns participate in the following, under the direct supervision of an attorney: In-depth phone and in-person client interviews, affidavit drafting, evidence gathering, soliciting expert statements, legal and country conditions research, correspondence, legal briefs, trial preparation, and observation of court proceedings.