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Table of Contents

Article I. General Provisions
Article II. II. Judicial Notice
Rule 201
Rule 202
Rule 203
Rule 204
Article III. Presumptions
Article IV. Relevancy and Its Limits
Article V. Privileges
Article VI. Witnesses
Article VII. Opinions and Expert Testimony
Article VIII. Hearsay
Article X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, 
and Photographs
Revised Rule 202(c). Judicial Notice of Legislative Facts Commentary 202(c). 

Given the disputable nature of legislative facts, judicial notice of such facts must always be discretionary. Because it is the primarily role of the courts to interpret the law, the court must be given the utmost flexibility to ascertain which facts reasonably support one interpretation of a law as opposed to another. Requiring judicial notice of legislative facts in any situation would substantially reduce the ability of the court to interpret the law.