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Table of Contents

Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Judicial Notice
Rule 201
Rule 202
Rule 203
Rule 204
Article III. Presumptions
Article IV. Relevancy and Its Limits
Article V. Privileges
Article VI. Witnesses
Article VII. Opinions and Expert Testimony
Article VIII. Hearsay
Article X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, 

and Photographs
Revised Rule 201. Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts Commentary 201(a). 

This section remains substantially the same as Current Rule 201.  A definition of adjudicative facts is added to guide courts in distinguishing between facts at issue in Revised Rule 201 and those facts governed by Revised Rule 202.  This definition is derived from the voluminous writings of Professor Davis on the subject of judicial notice. 
The need for a definition of “adjudicative facts” is reflected in the confusion some judges have demonstrated in its application to the issue of venue.  In a criminal case, venue must be alleged in the indictment and the prosecution must prove it beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.   Moreover, proof of venue may be necessary in a civil dispute to establish whether the court in which the complaint was filed is the appropriate forum to adjudicate the controversy.   Venue, however, is often not specifically addressed as an adjudicative fact when courts take judicial notice that venue has been established.