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Case No. 1693 (El Salvador)
March 14, 1973

Case No. 1693, of November 23, 1970, pertaining to denunciation of persecution of the Sindicato de la Industria del Transporte (Transportation Workers Union). According to the complaint, the persecution resulted in the arbitrary arrest and trial of certain leaders of that union, who were accused of "creating anarchic situations contrary to democracy." The competent judge had issued an order releasing the accused under bond, but the Prosecutor had refused to execute the order.

In a note dated November 28, 1970, the Commission requested the corresponding information from the Government of El Salvador, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of its Regulations. In a note dated January 14, 1971, that government replied, indicating that the corresponding investigations has been initiated and that as soon as they were completed the findings would be transmitted to the Commission.

Consequently, at its Twenty-Fifth Session (March 1971), the Commission decided to postpone consideration of the case and informed the Government of El Salvador that it hoped to receive the promised information within a reasonable period. A communication couched in these terms was sent to that government on May 10, 1971.

However, as of October of that year, the Commission had not received such information and was unable to consider the denunciation. Consequently, at its Twenty-Sixth Session (October-November 1971), it decided to reiterate to that government its request for transmittal of the corresponding data, mentioning the period provided for in Article 51 of its Regulations. In conformity with this decision, it transmitted a note to that government on November 17, 1971.

At its Twenty-Seventh Session (February-March 1972) the Commission considered the status of this case and appointed Mrs. Angela Acuña de Chacón as rapporteur.

The rapporteur presented a report during that session (Doc. 34-27, res.), in conformity with which the Commission adopted the following decisions:
(a) to file the dossier without further processing, and to so inform the petitioners;
(b) to address a note to the Government of El Salvador expressing for the record its dissatisfaction over the fact that that government had not fulfilled its offer to transmit pertinent information on the findings of the investigations conducted with reference to the acts denounced, as stated in its note of January 14, 1971; and
(c) to state for the record that in requesting the reports, the Commission had acted in strict adherence to the provisions of its Statute, which authorize it to address any government of the American states with the object of obtaining information that it considers pertinent (Article 9 (bis) of the Statute).

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