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Communication 1919 (Chile)

1919, of April 9, 1975, denounces the suspension of visits to political prisoner in Ritoque Camp, Valparaíso, Chile as of last March 23.

In a cable dated April 10, 1975, the Commission requested the appropriate information. A copy of that cable was transmitted to the Chilean Delegation to the OAS on that same day. The claimant was also informed of the handling given the case on April 10.

In a note dated April 11, 1975 (No. 6944), received on April 28, the Government of Chile replied to that request for information by stating that relatives of prisoner in the Ritoque prison were still permitted to visit and that the regular schedule of visits had been suspended only on last March 15 and 16, since one of the prisoners had escaped by taking advantage of a visit from his family. In conclusion, the normal visiting hours had allegedly been in effect since March 17.

The Commission acknowledged receipt to the Government of Chile on April 29, 1975. A copy of that note was sent to the Delegation of Chile to the OAS on that same day. Also on April 29, the claimant was informed of the pertinent part of the reply received from the Government of Chile.

The Commission examined the communication in question during the course of its thirty-fifth session (May 1975), together with the information provided by the Government of Chile. It decided to file the case.

The Government of Chile and the claimants were informed of this decision through notes dated August 5, 1975, and August 19, 1975, respectively.

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