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Communication 1891 (Uruguay)

1891, of October 31, 1974, denounces the expulsion from Uruguay of Dr. Manuel Liberoff, a physician, alleged to have taken place on September 12, 1974, without a hearing and by virtue of Law 9.604 on "undesirables".

In a note dated December 17, 1974, the Commission requested the Government of Uruguay to provide the appropriate information. A copy of that note was transmitted to the Uruguayan Mission to the OAS on December 18, 1974.

The Commission considered this case during the course of its thirty-fifth sessions (May 1975) and considered a note sent by the Government of Uruguay on May 23, 1975 (N1 174/75-16.B. 18), requesting a 90-day extension for transmittal of requested information. In view of that request, at that same session, it decided to grant that extension, thereby postponing examination of the case until its next session; it appointed Dr. Genaro R. Carrió as rapporteur, to conduct a study of Law 9.604 and its impact on human rights in Uruguay.

Pursuant to this decision, a communication was sent to the Government of Uruguay, on June 12, 1975, informing it of the extension granted.

The claimants was informed of this decision on July 9, 1975.

In a note dated September 10, 1975 (N1 319/75) the Government of Uruguay provided information in connection with this case:

"1) The individual in question, an Argentine citizen, was authorized to reside in the Republic by virtue of an administrative action of March 12, 1956.

"2) On October 30, 1973, the Executive Power, bearing in mind that an examination of the information on record showed that the activities conducted by Dr. Manuel Liberoff in Uruguay constitute antinational behavior and that his residency in national territory is therefore highly inadvisable and in application of the legal provisions in foree, it revoked the administrative action of March 12, 1966, whereby Dr. Manuel Liberoff had been granted legal residency, and ordered his expulsion from national territory.

"3) On November 1, 1973, Police Headquarters in Montevideo, in fulfillment of the decree for expulsion, put Dr. Manuel Liberoff on an Austral plane for Buenos Aires, flight N1 311 at 21:35 hours."

The Secretariat acknowledged receipt to the Government of Uruguay on September 17, 1975 and the pertinent parts of that information were transmitted to the claimant in letter dated September 17, 1975. The claimant replied in a letter dated September 26, 1975.

During its thirty-sixth session (October 1975) the Commission considered this communication together with the information provided by the Government of Uruguay. It decided to postpone study of the case until its next session.

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