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Communication 1889 (Chile)

1889 of November 7, 1974 denounces the arrest of former Chilean Deputy, Mrs. Laura Allende, in Santiago, on November 2 of that year.

In a cable dated November 13, 1974, the Commission asked the Government of Chile to provide the appropriate information.

In a communication of that same date, the Secretariat informed the claimant of the measure take in connection with the denunciation.

Through a note of November 20, 1974 (S/N), the Government of Chile replied to this request for information made by the Commission. The pertinent parts of that reply appear below :

"In connection with your recent letter, I am in a position to report that Mrs. Laura Allende is in good health and her life is in no danger.

"Mrs. Allende was arrested on November 2 for having been involved in the clandestine activities of terrorist groups under the MIR.

In a communication dated November 27, 1974, the Secretariat transmitted the pertinent parts of the reply received from the Chilean Government to the claimant.

The Commission examined case 1889 during the course of its thirty-fifth session (May 1975), together with the information provided by the Government of Chile. It decided to file the claim.

The Government of Chile and the claimant were informed of this decision through communications dated August 6 and August 19, 1975, respectively.

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