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Communication 1784 (Venezuela)

1784, presented through a communication dated October 15, 1973, supplemented on December 3, 1973, and January 24 and February 16, 1974, denounces a number of events alleged to be in violation of human rights, under civil and penal order, committed against the claimants in the place called "Paraiso del Tuy", Caracas jurisdiction. Furthermore, the claimants alleged that they were denied justice and other irregularities in the litigation held before the courts of Venezuela.

The Commission considered this claim during the thirty second session (April 19, 1974) and decided to request the claimants to kindly provide more specific and organized information on the matter referred to in the denunciation, accompanied by a copy of the legal remedies referred to in claim. Furthermore, it was decided to instruct the claimant to seek the assistance of an attorney or an individual capable of helping them properly present their case.

Pursuant to this decision a note was sent to the claimants on April 26, 1974.

Subsequent to this note, the claimants through communications dated May 29, June 29 and August 19, 1974, addressed the Commission, and provided information on the matter and also requested that the CIDH conduct an on-site investigation of the denunciation in Venezuela.

The Commission examined this claim during the thirty-fourth session (October 1974) and decided to file case 1784 without prejudice, in view of the fact that despite the communications sent in May, June and August mentioned above, the claimants had not properly supplemented their denunciation; it also had not properly supplemented their denunciation; it also authorized the Secretariat to take measures to permanently file the case should the information necessary for examination of the file not be received within a reasonable period of time.

A note to that effect was sent to the claimant on November 19, 1974.

During its thirty-fifth session (May 1975), the Commission considered the status of this case having taken cognizance of the communications received from the claimants on February 5, 14 and 27 and April 2, in which it reiterates the charges of the denunciation.

During that same session the Commission appointed Dr. Justino Jiménez de Aréchaga as rapporteur who, after making a detailed study of the voluminous documentation submitted by the claimant, recommended that the Government of Venezuela be requested to provide the appropriate information. He submitted a draft note to that effect to the Commission for its consideration.

At that same session the Commission approved the draft note prepared by the rapporteur and therefore decided to address the Government of Venezuela in the manner proposed.

Pursuant to the foregoing a note was sent to the Government of Venezuela on September 22, 1975, and a copy of that note was sent to the Venezuelan Mission to the OAS on that same date.

During its thirty-sixth session (October 1975), the Commission considered the recommendation made by the rapporteur, Dr. Justino de Aréchaga, and therefore decided the following: To address the claimant, acknowledging receipt of his recent transmittal its information and to consider the possibility of repeating its request for information made to the Government of Venezuela at the end of 1975.

Pursuant to that decision, the Secretariat acknowledged receipt to the claimant through a note of October 31, 1975. The Commission addressed the Government of Venezuela through a note dated January 12, 1976. A copy of that note was sent to the Venezuelan Mission to the OAS on that same date.

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