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Communication 1766 (Uruguay)

1766, presented through communications dated July 14 and July 15, 1973, denounces the arbitrary arrest of General Liber Seregni, the establishment of stringent press censorship and suppression of constitutional guarantees and public freedom in that country.

In a cable dated July 19, 1973, the Commission requested the Government of Uruguay to provide the appropriate information on the arrest of General Liber Seregni, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of its Regulation. That request for information was repeated on December 12, 1973, and on June 3, 1974, pursuant to decision reached at the thirty-first and thirty-second sessions (October 1973 and April 1974, respectively).

In a note dated September 9, 1974, the Government of Uruguay provided extensive information on the arrest of former General Liber Sergeni, the judicial proceeding that took place in connection with the case, and the disciplinary measures brought against him by virtue of the decision handed down from a special Court of Honor of the Army of Uruguay.

At its thirty-fourth session (October 1974), the CIDH continued its examination of case 1766, together with the information provided by the Government of Uruguay. It decided to send a note to the Government of Uruguay, formulating recommendations on the circumstances under which the former General was allegedly being held. That decision was carried out through a note of December 17, 1974.

The Government of Uruguay, in an note dated May 23, 1975 (N1 174/75-16/b/18-MMs-) requested a 90 day extension in order to provide the information requested by the Commission.

Therefore, noting that request the CIDH decided at its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) to grant that Government that extension, postponing examination of the matter until its next meeting. The Government of Uruguay was informed of that decision through a note of June 12, 1975.

In a note dated September 10, 1975 (N1 315/75) the Government of Uruguay provided the following information:

"It reiterates the text of the information provided to that Commission through the note from this Permanent Mission, 335/74-16.18, of September 9, 1974".

"On November 2, 1974, Mr. Liber Seregni was provisionally released by the competent judge handling his case, and has been free since that date."

The Commission acknowledged receipt of that note on September 16, 1975. The reply from the Government of Uruguay was transmitted to the claimants through a letter dated September 17, 1975.

During its thirty-sixth session (October 1975), the Commission considered this communication together with the information provided by the Government of Uruguay and decided the following: to file the case and to advise the Government of Uruguay and the claimant to that effect.

Pursuant to this decision notes were sent to the Government of Uruguay and to the claimant on February 10, 1976.

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