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Communication No. 1641 (NICARAGUA)

Communication No. 1641, dated August 1, 1969, supplemented on August 7, 1969, denouncing several acts in violation of human rights (right to life, liberty, personal security and integrity; of residence and movement; of protection against arbitrary arrest; and of due process), allegedly committed by elements of the National Guard of Nicaragua in the first months of that year.

In a note of February 9, 1970, the contents of which were repeated on April 17, 1970, the Commission requested that the Government of Nicaragua supply the corresponding information, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of its Regulations. In a note dated October 2, 1970, the Government of Nicaragua provided extensive information on the acts denounced.

At the Twenty-fifth Session (March 1971), the rapporteur of the case, Dr. Gabino Fraga, presented a report with the recommendation that the complainants be informed of the pertinent parts of the Government's reply. The Commission approved this recommendation, and in accordance with its decision, sent a letter to the complainants on April 8, 1971.

The latter, in a communication dated August 2, 1971, supplied additional information on case No. 1641, in particular with respect to the pertinent parts of the information from the Government of Nicaragua , enclosing documentation.

At the Twenty-sixth Session (October-November 1971), the rapporteur presented another report on the case with the recommendation that the pertinent parts of the communication of August 2, 1971 from the complainants be transmitted to the Government of Nicaragua, with the request that, within a period not exceeding 60 days, the Government present its views accompanied by the applicable legislation (Electoral Law of Nicaragua), and that the complainants be requested to notify the parties concerned to report directly to the Commission on their current situation.

The Commission approved these recommendations and sent notes to this effect to the Government of Nicaragua on November 13, 1971 and to the complainants on December 3, 1971.

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