Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

U.S. Negotiating Team

Positions on Intellecutal Property Chapter in the TPP

Advocacy Around the Possible Inclusion of a Pharmaceuticals Chapter Modeled on the Korea FTA

Further Information Sources for TPP

Academic Papers and Commentary on TPP

IP Provsions in Existing Trade Agreements Among Negotiating Parties

  • U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement (Chapter 16)
  • U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement (Chapter 17)
  • U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement  (Chapter 16)
  • U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement  (Chapter 17)
  • Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership - ("P4 Agreement") (Chapter 10 - scroll to page 71)
  • Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement  (Chapter 13)
  • Australia and New Zealand Closer Economic Relations  (IP not included)
  • Australia-Chile Free Trade Agreement  (Chapter 17)
  • ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA  (Chapter 13)
  • Agreement between New Zealand and Singapore on a Closer Economic Partnership (Art. 57)
  • Peru-Singapore Free Trade Agreement  (IP not included)
  • Peru-Chile Free Trade Agreemen  (IP not included)

Domestic Laws in Negotiating Countries