Over 200 Citizens Submit Comments to US Trade Representative Regarding ACTA

Mike Palmedo
February 17, 2010

As of 6:30 today USTR has received over 200 comments in response to its federal register notice seeking input on intellectual property policy, the vast majority of which criticize the Anticounterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).  The deadline for submissions has been extended until tomorrow at 5pm, so more are likely on the way.

USTR is required to annually seek comments on the IP practices of foreign countries policy to guide it in its Special 301 Report, which exists to identify countries that “deny adequate and effective intellectual property rights.”  Usually, it receives approximately 30 comments, and most of these tend to be from corporations or trade associations representing intellectual property owners criticizing laws and practices abroad.  This year, Public Knowledge, Corey Doctorow, and others asked individual citizens concerned with ACTA’s secrecy and the likely content to formally submit their input to USTR… and many did.

To view the comments – which USTR is still uploading as I write this blog – go to regulations.gov.  There will be a field to enter a keyword, in which you need to put “ustr-2010-0003.”

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