UNDP, OSI, PIJIP Meeting on Trade Agreements, Intellectual Property, and Access to Medicines, Kiev, Ukraine, 2009

The UN Development Program, the Open Society Institute, and American University’s Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) convened a meeting of approximately 50 government officials and civil society representatives in Eastern Europe and Central Asia on September 21-22.  Participants were drawn from nations undertaking or seriously considering Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with western nations, or acceding to the World Trade Organization (WTO).  Academics and health campaigners described flexibilities permitted under the WTO’s intellectual property rules can be utilized to increase access to affordable generics.  However, they warned that intellectual property provisions in past trade agreements and WTO accession terms have limited access to essential medicines.  

At the meeting’s conclusion, the participants issued a resolution calling on governments, legislators, civil society, aid organizations, universities and research organizations to recognize that trade agreements can raise prices and block access to medicines, and to take steps in the future protect access to medicines from overreaching trade policy.  


  • September 23, 2009. Press Release.  PIJIP, UNDP, and OSI Facilitate Meeting of Eastern European/Central Asian Government Officials and Civil Society to Address Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines.  PDF | HTML
  • September 22, 2009. Kiev Resolution on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines. English | Russian