Sep 7: Trademark Works in Progress Colloquium

Professor Christine Haight Farley organized the Works In Progress Colloquim for scholars writing on papers on trademark law, hosted this WCL's Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property.

Papers Presented:

  • Jessica Silbey, “IP at Work: The Roles of Law in Creativity and Innovation, Chapter 5: Reputation”
  • Mark Bartholomew, “Trademark Morality”
  • Leah Chan Grinvald, “Trademarks and Free Speech Justifications: A Comparative Analysis”
  • Lisa Ramsey, “Mechanisms for Limiting Trademark Rights to Further Competition and Free Speech”
  • Greg Lastowka, “Nominative Fair Use Still Doesn't Make Sense”
  • Glynn Lunney, “Trademarks and Consumer Welfare: The Unrepresented Interest”
  • Mary Wong, “New gTLDs”
  • Christine Haight Farley, “The Forgotten Trademark Treaty: The Pan-American Convention”