March 16 - How Internet Aggregators are Affecting Journalism and What (If Any) Legal Tools are Needed to Support the Industry

Sponsored by the Communications Media Law Society and PIJIP
12:00-2:00pm, Room 603


The Internet is rapidly changing the business model for traditional print media companies that invest heavily in creating original journalism.  This had led to calls for better legal protections for online content, which is often repackaged without permission by aggregators like Google as well as by individual bloggers.  But many others believe that “information should be free” and that traditional media companies must adapt accordingly.


  • Sherwin Siy, Dep Legal Director, Public Knoweldge
  • Jennifer Hall, Sr. Counsel, Newspaper Assoc of America
  • George Gall, Gen. Counsel for Domestic and International Transactions, AP
  • Amy Eisman, AU School of Communication 
Moderator:  Michael Carroll, Director of PIJIP, AU Washington College of Law