English Version of Peter Jaszi's Book on IP and Traditional Arts in Indonesia Is Now Online

Mike Palmedo
January 27, 2010

Traditional Culture:  A Step Forward for Protection in Indonesia, by PIJIP Professor Peter Jaszi was published in Indonesia last year. The English version is now available here: wcl.american.edu/pijip/go/traditionalculture-indonesia.

Professor Jaszi's study is the culmination of research conducted as part of a group of scholars, journalists, and observers of the arts who made multiple trips to Central Java and Bali to look at the practice of certain “traditional” arts.  These arts—Javanese wayang kulit, gamelan music, and batik, and Balinese dance, gamelan music, and ikat—have, like most Indonesian arts, historically operated without Intellectual Property (IP) regulation.  Professor Jaszi met with artists, performers, and creators to discuss their concerns regarding the current state of their arts, and to explore possibilities for attribution and compensation for their work. The work generously supported with a grant from the Ford Foundation.

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