Some Recent Indian Product Patents on Antiretrovirals

Swarna latha Soppadandi
April 21, 2010

At a recent meeting between trade officials and health activists, it was suggested that  access to essential medicines is not threatened by patents in India, because there are no product patents on HIV drugs in there. As US trade officials are well aware, India has introduced the product patent regime with an amendment to its patent law and enacted the Patents (Amendment) Act, 2005 to in order to implement its TRIPS obligations.

Since then, India has issued many products patents on pharmaceuticals, including patents on drugs used in both first line and second line treatment of the HIV/AIDS.  India has granted at least eight product patents and six new process patents for the drugs authorized to treat HIV in India. At least five more  patent applications are still under review. 

Product Patents:

  1. Raltegravir (400mg Tablet)
  2. Lamivudine 30mg+ Zidovudine 60mg+ Neviripine 50mg
  3. Maraviroc (150/300mg Tablets)
  4. Ribavirin capsules (200mg)   and  Ribavirin in Liquid Form
  5. A synergetic combination of Abacavir & Alovudine
  6. Stavudine controlled release tablets
  7. Saquinavir  Mesylate Oral Dosage Form

Process Patents:

  1. Nevirapine tablet 50mg for oral suspension (NVP)
  2. Ribavirin Capsules 200mg (Improved process of preparation)
  3. Ribavirin-L
  4. Enzamytic Process of Preparing Ribavirin
  5. Lamivudine – An improved process for the enzymatic preparation of (-)-CIS- LAMIVUDINE
  6. Nelfinavir and Process of Preparing Nelfinavir

Pending Product Patent Applications:

  1. Tenofovir Disproxil Fumerate 300mg + Emtricitabin 200mg + Efavirenz 600mg tablet
  2. Comb kit of 2 tablet of Lamivudine (150mg) + Zidovudine (300mg) each and 1 Tablet of Egavirenz (600mg)
  3. Atazanavir (ATV)+ Ritonavir (300mg + 100mg) FC Tablets
  4. Etravirine (process for spray dried formulation of TMS 125)
  5. Abacavir sulfate (ABC) for pediatric use


Photo of pills (cc) Rodrigo Senna.


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