Professor Haight Farley to Present at INTA Annual Meeting

On Monday, May 7 Professor Christine Haight Farley will present at the International Trademark Association's 2012 Annual Meeting on a panel about "Exploring the Outer Limits of Our Trademark Law." 

CM02 Exploring the Outer Limits of Trademark Law

Intermediate Level 

Previous INTA all-academic panels have explored legal constraints on trademark protection. This year’s panel of leading trademark scholars will explore recent trends in the expansion of trademark protection and discuss the future of trademark rights in various contexts. Issues will include materiality of trademarks in consumer decision-making, recognition of non-traditional marks and recent cases testing the limits of trademark protection.


  • Megan M. Carpenter, Texas Wesleyan School of Law (United States)


  • Robert Burrell, TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland (Australia)
  • Christine Haight Farley, American University, Washington College of Law (United States)
  • Rebecca L. Tushnet, Georgetown University Law Center (United States)
The conference is being held from Saturday, May 5 through Wednesday, May 9. 
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