Professor Contreras Joins the NAS Committee on Intellectual Property Management in Standard-Setting Processes

Professor Jorge Contreras will serve as a member of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Intellectual Property Management in Standard-Setting Processes. The Committee will convene over the next 13 months to "examine and assess how leading national, regional, and multinational standards bodies address issues of intellectual property (IP) arising in connection with the development of technical standards."

"Through commissioned analysis, a public workshop in Washington and a report of the findings of an expert committee, the project will first document the policies and practices of different types of standard-setting organizations in different geographical contexts.  The committee will consider policies with respect to such matters as; requirements for the disclosure of IP essential or relevant to the development and implementation of standards, the terms of IP licensing to implementers of a standard, and whether conditions attached to IP incorporated in standards carry over to a new holder in the event of a transfer of IP rights.  The study will assess how these policies work in practice and in a legal context and how variations in these policies relate to different types of standards activities, organizations, and fields of technology.  Second, the project will evaluate the effectiveness of these policies in reducing conflict between IP holders and other implementers, balancing the interests of firms of different sizes and with different business models, and balancing the interests of producers and consumers."

NAS Page - Intellectual Property Management in Standard-Setting Processes: An International Comparison 


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