Prof. Haight Farley Quoted on Mangaging Intellectual Property

Professor Christine Haight Farley was quoted on Managing Intellectual Property in an article entitled "When Content is the Trademark."  The article was written in response to an INTA panel on Exploring the Outer Limits of Trademark Law, on which Professor Haight Farley spoke last week, that addressed the boundaries of trademark rights with respect to nontraditional marks. The article addresses this question with reference to the recognized "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster, questioning whether trademark law is an appropriate fit in this case and  related cases where phrases serve as content in and of themselves.

Professor Haight Farley is quoted saying "Is trademark law a good fit in cases where the parties are trying to protect content? The objective of trademark law is not to encourage innovation or creativity, but they're extending to creative and innovative uses..." and that so-called content marks like Keep Calm and Carry on say nothing about the source, origin, or quality of their producers. 

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