Prof. Flynn Speaks at the International Congress on the Challenge of the Commons

Sean Flynn was in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil September 9-11, speaking at the International Congress on the Challenge of the Commons: Properties in the XXI Century, and at the signing of a landmark open access policy.

At the Challenge of the Commons congress on September 10, Professor Flynn discussed the relationships and conflicts between commons and property in international intellectual property law. The talk discussed how rules of law and social practice define the boundaries between commons and property, and between knowledge commons and intellectual property, and how the legal boundaries are increasingly being set at the international level in ways that defy and are in conflict with cultural views and practices on the ground. This is increasingly the basis for a growing crisis in international law, and in particular in international intellectual property law that is the focus of a growing and energized legal and social movement. 

On Tuesday September 11, Professor Flynn spoke at the signing of Brazil’s first open access policy, by the National School of Public Health, operated by FIOCRUZ – the research and development arm of the Ministry of Health. See The policy launched a digital platform allowing free access to research funded by the School. The repository will host research reports and papers, educational materials, conference proceedings, lectures and videos and audios of presentations funded or produced by the ENSP. At the launch, Professor Flynn discussed the interrelated economics of exclusion facing access to scientific research and access to needed medicines, each of which FIOCRUZ has been a global leader in addressing.



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