Prof. Contreras Cited in New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Professor Jorge Contreras was cited in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal discussing recent legal battles between Apple and Samsung over cell phone patents.

According to the New York Times:

"This week, nine jurors are expected to hunker down in a federal courthouse here to decide a case that could change how the world’s smartphones and tablet computers look and work.

After nearly a month of testimony in the legal dogfight between Apple and Samsung over patents, the two parties are expected to make their closing arguments on Tuesday. It will then be up to jurors to hash out which Apple patents, if any, Samsung stepped on when it created devices that compete with the iPhone and iPad. Apple is seeking $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung, while Samsung has asked for $422 million in a countersuit against Apple.

...Simply being inspired by Apple’s products is not illegal, said Jorge Contreras, an associate professor of law at American University. He says that Apple’s claims of Samsung infringement on its design patents, a class of inventions related to the exterior look of the iPhone and iPad, are weaker than its arguments for its “utility patents” in the case, which protect various software functions.

Mr. Contreras predicts a “mixed result” in the case, with Apple winning on some of its claims, losing on others and getting nowhere near the amount it is demanding. “Even if Apple wins on a few of its claims, it’s not a market-defeating victory here,” he said...."

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