Prof. Conteras Cited on Apple v. Samsung Verdict

On Monday, August 27 Professor Jorge Contreras was cited in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Seattle Times in articles addressing Friday's $1.05 billion dollar ruling for Apple. The ruling upheld that Samsung had violated Apple's patents for features including the pinch-to-zoom gesture and a snapback feature when scrolling to the bottom of a window.

Commenting on the validity of these claims , Contreras stated to the Washington Post:

“On appeal, that will be the big question: Are these patents valid? These are kind of intuitive, everyday gestures.”

Contreras, however,doesnot believe that the ruling marks a dead-end for Samsung. In comments to the Seattle Times, he stated:

""My overall assessment of the case is that a workaround is not that difficult, now that we know what's infringing."

In the wake of the vedrict, there has been much discussion about the implications of the case for other manufacturers such as Windows and Nokia to move in on Samsung's share of the smartphone market. In response to these claims Contreras states that, in the case of a subsequent injunction:

"There would be a gap [in Samsung's ability to redesign infringing products]...It would give Microsoft a very good opportunity if it could present lower-priced tablets and smartphones. ... Unfortunately, I don't know if they're geared up, production-wise, to fill that gap. And it's a pretty small window. It won't take long for Samsung to jump in with a design that's a little bit different."

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