PIJIP Professor Jaszi in Chronicle of Higher Education: Pushing Back Against Legal Threats by Putting Fair Use Forward

A dynamic professorial duo leaps to the defense of beleaguered scholars

A rarely discussed form of self-censorship happens routinely on college campuses. Professors and graduate students choose not to tackle academic arguments that involve music, movies, or other forms of popular culture. They worry that including relevant clips in their work means the hassle and expense of getting copyright permission for each snippet.

But in many cases, scholars can use this material without breaking the law, even if they never ask the rights holders and even if they hope to profit from their resulting academic books.

That's the argument made by two scholars at American University—Patricia Aufderheide, a film-studies professor, and Peter Jaszi, a law professor—in a new book called Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright.

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