PIJIP Director Michael Carroll to Speak About Creative Commons at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit

On October 5, 2010, the Future of Music Coalition's 10th Anniversary Policy Summit will feature a panel on creative commons licensing featuring PIJIP Director Michael Carroll.  The panel will run from 1:45 to 3:00 at Georgetown Univeristy.

Professor Carroll sits on the Board of Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of licenses to creators that work alongside existing copyright laws. The licenses act like sets of instructions that are attached to a copyrighted work; the copyright owner can use CC licenses to allow "downstream" users to use the work in certain ways without having to get the author's permission first. Different CC licenses lead to different uses; some allow derivative works, others non-commercial uses, while still others designate "some rights reserved". Some legal scholars, however, see CC licenses as a tricky path that can lead to artists relinquishing rights in a way that makes them impossible to  re-acquire.  In this panel we will talk with copyright experts about the value and risks associated with Creative Commons licenses, and the larger problem of facilitating the dissemination and use of copyrighted works in a digital, global environment.

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