PIJIP Director Michael Carroll to Give Talk on Open Access to DOD-Funded Research

On June 11, PIJIP Director Michael Carroll will give a talk on "Public access to Department of Defense-Funded Research" at the Special Libraries Association 2013 Annual Conference and Info-Expo.

The conference website is here, and the printable conference guide is here.  Following is the SL2013 description of Prof. Carroll's talk: 

Access to federally funded research and research data is a topic of strong interest. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has directed the principal research funding agencies to develop public access policies to both peer-reviewed journal articles arising from federal funds and to the research data that underlies these articles.  This talk wild put this current directive in the broader contest of the open access evolution and in the growing interest in open data. In particular, the talk will focus on the copyright issues that have to be addressed and managed in the context of providing public access to federally funded research and potential with respect to data access as well.  The possibilities of text mining and data mining are driving this conversation, and the talk will conclude with thoughts about the future of this terms of use discussion.

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