PIJIP Announces Call for Papers on the International Intellectual Property Enforcement Agenda

April 5, 2010

Contact: Sean Flynn
Associate Director, PIJIP

American University Washington College of Law’s Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) is seeking papers on the public interest effects of today’s agenda to strengthen the enforcement of intellectual property around the world.   The enforcement agenda includes the highly secretive negotiations of an Anticounterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) at its center, but also includes other manifestations including the expansion of enforcement provisions in free trade agreements, seizures of drugs in Europe, broad “anticounterfeiting” national laws and bills such as that passed in Kenya and being considered in other African countries, pressure on countries through Special 301 and GSP benefit determinations, foreign aid and technical assistance directives, and other means.  

PIJIP seeks to promote the creation of short (8-12 page) plain language policy papers analyzing possible public interest impacts of elements of the enforcement agenda. The project is particularly interested in analysis of leaked text of major proposals for ACTA. Academics and policy advocates are invited to submit an abstract of a proposed paper on this topic for presentation at a workshop to be held at the Washington College of Law on June 16-17. Accepted papers for the workshop will receive travel assistance to attend the workshop. Completed papers will be eligible for publication in the PIJIP Working Paper Series.  A Prize of $1,000 will be granted for the top five completed papers presented at the workshop and submitted for publication in the Working Paper series.  

The full call for papers is available online here: wcl.american.edu/pijip/go/callforpapers

“Landmark international intellectual property agreements are being negotiated in secret” said Professor Sean Flynn, Associate Director of PIJIP. “We hope this effort promotes public scrutiny of the potential public interest impact of this agenda.”  

PIJIP’s workshop and prizes for submitted papers are partially funded through a gift from Google, which was received to support our work exploring the effect that greater international enforcement of intellectual property will have on the public interest.  

PIJIP promotes public interest approaches to domestic and international intellectual property law through advocacy, events and the provision of legal and consulting services.  PIJIP’s activities focus on a balanced approach to intellectual property and other legal regimes that reward creators while ensuring broad public access to information and its products.

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